We don’t only sell books. Well, mostly we do. We’re also very happy talking about them, recommending them and wrapping them. And a few other things…

At the heart of our offer is a bespoke experience. Pop into the shop or contact us for recommendations. We can also help in tracking down a book; we’ll do our best even if all you can remember is that you are looking for an essay collection with a yellow cover, or a crime novel featuring a picture of a magnifying glass.

If we don’t have something in stock, we can order it for within 24-48 hours and deliver to your home or hold it in the shop for you to pick up.

Gift lists
If you have a wedding or civil partnership approaching, a birthday to celebrate, or want to send a student to university with a conversation-starting bookshelf, get in touch. We can organise everything for you from selection to gift-wrapped delivery.

Stockist services

We recommend and supply books for schools, libraries and other venues of all sizes and requirements. Please use our contact form or email to get in touch and we can discuss your readership and their needs.