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  • The Forgery – Ave Barrera

    The Forgery – Ave Barrera

    In twentieth-century Mexico, a desperate painter is hired to produce a copy of a sixteenth-century panel portrait. Invited to stay at the house of his employer, his task moves from absurd farce to dangerous trial to fever dream. Guarded by two strange siblings and haunted by his employer’s wan mother, long-disappeared father and eccentric architect,…

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  • Divine Might: Goddesses in Greek Myth – Natalie Haynes

    Divine Might: Goddesses in Greek Myth – Natalie Haynes

    No-one does Greek mythology like Natalie Haynes. The comedian, broadcaster and author has mused on, joked about and interpreted the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece in all sorts of arenas; after the success of last year’s Stone Blind, a novel about Medusa, Haynes returns to non-fiction in this run-down of goddesses. Haynes explains with…

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