Heron Books, Clifton’s only independent bookshop, can be found in the historic Clifton Arcade on Boyce’s Avenue.

The shop stocks a range of fiction, non-fiction and children’s books, 4000 of them in a carefully planned cosy space. Heron Books offers personal recommendations and the creation of bespoke gift lists for special occasions, and plans to run events and book groups. Where not already on the shelves, books can be ordered for home delivery and, if you live really nearby, staff can exceptionally cycle over to deliver them personally.

The shop is a welcoming space. We like nothing more than talking about books; if the book in question features a heron, all the better.

Opening Hours
Monday-Friday: 10am-5:30pm
Saturday: 9am-6pm
Sunday: 11am-4pm

Unit 5, The Clifton Arcade
Boyce’s Avenue
Bristol, BS8 4AA

0117 431 0616

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  • The Wisdom of Herons – 24 November 2023

    I am curious as to what it is about the lack of daylight hours, the presence of fairy lights, a glass of mulled wine and a warm mince pie that makes one reach for a murder story but it seems to make a winning combination.

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  • Notes from the Heronhouse – 11 November 2023

    A few weeks ago, I wrote to you with apples on the brain since they were seemingly everywhere on the page. (And I am still obsessing over North Woods by Daniel Mason…) Today, however, is peak apple day: Lennie Goodings, Chair of Virago Press, is speaking at the Clifton LitFest and I am very excited to see her. Her…

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  • A Heron Priested Shore – 28 October 2023

    Last night – Dylan Thomas Night to those who celebrate – we herons raised a glass of whisky to him. It has become a tradition to break bara brith and be merry on this important occasion and to invite Richard Burton into the room for his magnificent reading of Under Milk Wood.

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  • An Apple A Day – 14 October 2023

    As the evenings arrive a little earlier and the wind daily sweeps my favourite hat from my head and the stands of the greengrocer fill with knobbled gourds and the trees develop that heavy scent and one hopes that every pub is considering its mulled cider offering, oh, it is a delicious time for reading.

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  • Sing, Heron – 30 September 2023

    The wrath of Achilles, the fury of the goddesses, the raging of the emperors, vengeance, war, lust, beauty: I’ve consulted with the muse of literature and let me say that she has been working tirelessly. It’s been quite a time.

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  • A Siege of Herons – 17 September 2023

    A new heron has flown through to grace our shop window. Ophelia, another stunning creation by artist Emily Stevens, is flying South, book in claw. So one can only appreciate that Baskerville chose this same week to release the new Mick Her(r)on, The Secret Hours.

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