The Odd Egg


by Gravett, Emily | For children c 0-2 years
Paperback | 26 pages

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Special 15th Anniversary Edition with Bonus Material
by Gravett, Emily | For children c 0-2 years
Published 16/02/2023 by PAN MACMILLAN (Two Hoots) in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 26 pages

This classic picture book with split pages that allow the visual jokes to unfold, celebrates its 15th anniversary in this new edition featuring extra content from the multi-award winning Emily Gravett.

All the birds have eggs to hatch. All except Duck.

But when Duck finds an egg of his own to look after he’s delighted – it’s the most beautiful egg in the whole world! But all the other birds think it’s a very odd egg indeed – and everyone’s in for a BIG surprise when it finally hatches. A beautifully illustrated and cleverly formatted tale with a surprise ending that’s bound to ruffle some feathers!

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