Discover the magical myths and lost legends of Britain – Children’s Edition
by Jeffs, Amy | Unclassified
Published 12/10/2023 by Hachette Children’s Group (Wren & Rook) in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 192 pages

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‘Enchanting, breathtaking and beautiful… If you need me, I’ll be in Storyland’ – Ben Miller IMMERSE YOURSELF IN MIST AND MAGIC AND DISCOVER HEROES AND MONSTERS RIGHT ON YOUR DOORSTEP . . .

You will have heard of Thor, Medusa and Hercules. But what about the myths of the British landscape? The Trojan heroes who wrestled giants. The Syrian sisters who found refuge on our lands. The dragons who slept in hollow hills. And the kings who communed with the dead . . .

In this vivid and beautifully illustrated mythology of Britain, children will discover enchanting tales of magic and adventure, giants and demons, princesses and prophecies.

Travelling across the wildest of landscapes – as far north as Orkney and south as Cornwall – young readers will build Stonehenge with the young Merlin, chase hounds up the mountains of Wales, ride stags into the forests of Scotland and sail with Trojans along the rivers of Britain, discovering a land steeped in myth, monsters and heroes.

Adapted from Amy Jeffs’ beautiful and bestselling Storyland, this is a definitive and dynamic children’s introduction to Britain’s lost myths and legends.