A celebration of writers at the University of Bristol

On Saturday 22nd June, we are delighted to celebrate a packed day of events showcasing the talented staff and students at the University of Bristol and encouraging new and emerging writers.

From Ash Bond, whose book, Peregrine Quinn and the Cosmic Realm, we loved so much we decided to start a children’s book of the month (as if we needed more excuse to talk about Peregrine with everyone) to Carrie Etter whose poetry reading in the shop last year was so marvellous that we have begged her to return this year to Constantine Blintzios, who rather quietly mentioned in the shop one day that he had a novel published and would we mind looking at it and to whom we replied rather loudly that we would like to stock it – we are thrilled to work with such brilliant writers who also do so much for the writing community.

Check out all the titles which we will have on sale at the conference, come and chat to us about them and I hope you might be inspired to write something too.