Vile Virginia and the Curse that Got Worse


by Emeney, Issy | Children’s; Picturebook
Published 29/02/2024 by Simon & Schuster Ltd (Simon & Schuster Childrens Books) in the United Kingdom as part of the Twisted Tales for Devilish Darlings series
Paperback | 32 pages

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Virginia was a tyrant, a bully and a brat, who was rude to sweet old ladies, and tormented next door’s cat. Then one day the doorbell rings and Virginia meets Julian. Her mother calls him an angel and insists he share Virginia’s room, but Virginia has never shared in her life! Obviously, Julian must go. But perhaps he’s not quite as angelic as he first appears…

With gloriously gothic illustrations from bestselling Chris Mould, and a hair-raising twist, this fabulously dark tale is perfect for parents looking for the picture book equivalent of Roald Dahl’s twisted tales.

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