The Rabbit Hutch


by Gunty, Tess | Fiction & related items
Paperback | 352 pages

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by Gunty, Tess | Fiction & related items
Published 22/06/2023 by Oneworld Publications in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 352 pages

Winner of the Waterstones Debut Fiction Prize
Winner of the National Book Award for Fiction 2022
A Finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award
A Waterstones Book of the Year for 2022
Winner of the Barnes & Noble Discover Prize
An Oprah Daily Book of the Year, 2022

‘Inventive, heartbreaking and acutely funny’ Observer

Vacca Vale, Indiana: recently voted number 1 on Newsweek’s list of dying American cities. According to the developers, however, it’s a city with a whole history of reinvention, one that ‘buzzes with the American spirit.’

Not everyone agrees though – certainly not the residents of the Rabbit Hutch, a low-cost housing complex in the once bustling industrial centre, populated by a cast of unforgettable, disenfranchised characters. There’s an online obituary writer, a woman waging a solo campaign against rodents and, most notably, eighteen-year-old Blandine, recently released from foster care and determined to stop the developers whatever the cost.

Set over one sweltering week in July, The Rabbit Hutch is a savagely beautiful and bitingly funny snapshot of contemporary America. Bold, experimental and brilliantly written, it will live in the memory long after the final page.

‘The Rabbit Hutch is 2022’s The Secret History’ The Big Issue

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