The House in Cornwall


by Streatfeild, Noel | Children’s; Ages Nine to Twelve
Published 01/06/2024 by Manderley Press Ltd in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 176 pages

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Written at the very start of the Second World War, this book tells the story of one summer holiday in the life of the four Chandler children, who have been shipped off to stay with their Uncle Murdoch in his grand seaside home – Tregon Hall. Initial excitement about their adventure quickly wears off as John, Sorrel, Wish and Edward arrive in Cornwall by train, only to discover that their Uncle is particularly unfriendly, the servants are behaving strangely, and they have effectively become prisoners in their uncle’s home…

This is a great thriller for children aged eight and upwards – vintage in style yet east to read. Suspenseful and fast-paced, Noel Streatfeild once again conjures up the perfect summer read. ‘The House in Cornwall is great fun from beginning to end – if only all school holidays were this exciting.’