The Cabinet


by Kim, Un-su, Halbert, Sean Lin | Fiction & related items
Paperback | 400 pages

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by Kim, Un-su, Halbert, Sean Lin | Fiction & related items
Published 12/10/2021 by Watkins Media (Angry Robot) in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 400 pages

Winner of the Munhakdongne Novel Award, South Korea’s most prestigious literary prize

Cabinet 13 looks exactly like any normal filing cabinet. Except this cabinet is filled with files on the ‘symptomers’, people whose weird abilities and bizarre experiences might just mark the emergence of a new species. But to Mr Kong, the harried office worker who spends his days looking after the cabinet, the symptomers are just a headache; from the woman whose doppelganger broke up with her boyfriend, to the man with a ginkgo tree growing from his fingertip.

And then there’s that guy who won’t stop calling, asking to be turned into a cat… A richly funny and fantastical novel about the strangeness at the heart of even the most ordinary lives, from one of South Korea’s most acclaimed novelists.

Translated by Sean Lin Halbert

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