The Book of the Frog


by Coulthard, Sally | Non-fiction; Geography/Nature
Published on 09/05/2024 by Apollo
Hardback | 176 pages

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Frogs are remarkable creatures. They have mastered both land and water, and can breathe through their skins and their lungs. Some of them are so poisonous that just one tiny frog harbours enough toxins to kill ten people, while others hold the key to lifesaving medicines.

Frogs have colonised some of the most challenging terrains on the planet, from the Arctic to the South African desert, adopting miraculous breeding strategies in the process. Sally Coulthard explores both familiar native British species of frogs and toads and exotic rarities – many of which are under threat – and offers plenty of helpful advice on how to make your garden more frog-friendly. Brimful of extraordinary facts – from frogspawn and froglets to eating habits and hibernation – The Book of the Frog is the ideal jumping-off point for anyone with a fascination for amphibians.