by Garrod, Ben | Children’s, young adult & educational
Paperback | 112 pages

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Did you know a Spinosaurus’ skull looks quite like a crocodiles just MUCH bigger. Did they hunt on land, in water or in the sky? And where did Spinosaurus get its name? There is SO much to discover about this dinosaur and 7 more in the Ultimate Dinosaurs series. Pop a dinosaur in your pocket! Introductions from Chris Packham, Steve Backshall and Dr Jane Goodall. These are the most up-to-date dino books in 66 million years, also available in audio download!

TV scientist, Professor Ben Garrod, is proud to be a geek as he mixes top level science and humour to prove that science is for everyone. Looking at the evolutionary arms race, prey, predators, place, time, groups and species, Ben reveals new-look dinosaurs. Additional sections include: Ask an Expert, New Science and Fossil Finder as well as quizzes to test your dinosaur knowledge.