by Kurlansky, Mark | Humanities
Paperback | 336 pages, 8-page colour plate section

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WINNER OF THE JOHN AVERY AWARD AT THE ANDRE SIMON AWARDSIf we can save the salmon, we can save the world

Over the centuries, salmon have been a vital resource, a dietary staple and an irresistible catch. But there is so much more to this extraordinary fish.

As international bestseller Mark Kurlansky reveals, salmon persist as a barometer for the health of our planet. Centuries of our greatest assaults on nature can be seen in their harrowing yet awe-inspiring life cycle.

Full of all Kurlansky’s characteristic curiosity and insight, Salmon is a magisterial history of a wondrous creature.

‘An epic, environmental tragedy’ Spectator’These creatures have nurtured our imagination as surely as our bodies. This book does them justice!’ Bill McKibben