Pocket Eyewitness Cars


Facts at Your Fingertips
by DK | Children’s, young adult & educational
Published 03/05/2018 by Dorling Kindersley Ltd (DK Children) in the United Kingdom as part of the Pocket Eyewitness series
Paperback | 160 pages

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Dive into the amazing world of cars, from the oldest classic cars to record-breaking vehicles, supercars, and the cars of the future. Get behind the wheel of 160 different types of cars, from hatchbacks and saloons to hybrids and vintage cars, and even explore the exhilarating sport of car racing. From the classic Ferrari 250 GT SWB to today’s tiniest electric cars, find out how cars work and the mysteries of the car engine. With dozens of facts at your fingertips and bite-sized chunks of information, learning about cars becomes even more fun.

With amazing encyclopedic stats, engaging photographs and genius gem facts, DK Pocket Eyewitness Cars will help you explore cool cars from every era.

Perfect for school projects and homework assignments as well as for young car enthusiasts, DK Pocket Eyewitness Cars will tell you everything you need to know about cars in one pocket-sized book.