Oxygen Mask: A Graphic Novel


Carnegie Medal-Winning Author
by Reynolds, Jason, Griffin, Jason | Reading age: from c 14 years (Young Adult)
Published 07/07/2022 by FABER & FABER in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 384 pages

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And so for anyone who didn’t really know what it means to not be able to breathe, REALLY breathe, for generations, now you know. And those who already do, you’ll be nodding yep yep, that is exactly how it is . . .

Intimately set within the walls of a family home, this book is an incredible artefact of the historic year we have all lived through. We travel from the depths of despair but not without hope; the mundane details contained within four walls becomes our sanctuary. This is a gift in commemoration of a time and place, of a world wide pandemic, of loss and of the murder of George Floyd. It is a reminder of how, in uncertain times, we can cling to the simple things for respite, for hope. A reminder of how comforting books and artworks are in times of extreme stress.