Heretics Of Dune


The inspiration for the blockbuster film
by Herbert, Frank | Science fiction
Published 28/01/2021 by Orion Publishing Co (Gollancz) in the United Kingdom as part of the DUNE series
Paperback | 512 pages

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What The Lord of the Rings is to fantasy, Dune is to science fiction. Presenting Heretics of Dune, the fifth book in one of the most influential series of all time, which has inspired countless other stories for more than half a century, this is an awe-inspiring world, and a story of truly epic scope.

From Dune to Rakis to Dune, the wheel turns full circle. From burning desert to green and fertile land and on again to burning desert … the cycle is complete.

The people of the Scattering are returning. Amongst them, mysterious and threatening, are the women who call themselves the Honoured Matres, adepts of an ecstatic cult.

And on Rakis, become Dune, an ancient prophecy is fulfilled with the coming of the she-sheer, Sheeana …

Read the series which inspired the Academy Award-winning and jaw-dropping cinematic events Dune: Part One (2021) and Dune: Part Two (2024). A science fiction spectacular like no other, this is a deeply climate conscious novel, and a compelling family saga for the ages.

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