Every Line of You


by Gibson, Naomi | Reading age: from c 14 years (Young Adult)
Paperback | 352 pages

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The edge-of-your-seat YA thriller you’ve been looking

for …

‘What a debut. So tense – and it didn’t lead where I

thought it was going.’ SUE WALLMAN, author of YOUR


‘Frankenstein meets Heathers. Bonnie and

Clyde for the digital age, Every Line of You is a gripping

thriller about the power of AI and a fresh twist on the intensity

of first love.’ AMY MCCAW, author of MINA AND THE

UNDEAD’Big issues are explored in this thrilling,

high-concept page-turner that I devoured in two sittings.’


Lydia has been creating her AI, Henry, for years – since

before her little brother died in the accident that haunts her nightmares;

since before her dad walked out, leaving her and Mum painfully

alone; since before her best friend turned into her worst


Now, Henry is strong, clever, loving and scarily capable: Lydia’s

built herself the perfect boyfriend in a hard-drive filled with

lines of code.

But what is Henry really – and how far is he willing

to go to be everything Lydia desires?

EVERY LINE OF YOU’s twist after twist will have everyone

talking about Lydia and Henry’s complex Bonnie-and-Clyde relationship

Elements of thriller, psychological drama and love: Her

meets Girl, Interrupted with hints of Black


This dark, modern twist on young love explores the complexity

and scope of artificial intelligence while also examining

bigger themes of humanity, revenge, grief, love and forgiveness