Diver’s Daughter: A Tudor Story (Voices #2)


by Lawrence, Patrice | Children’s, young adult & educational
Published 02/05/2019 by Scholastic in the United Kingdom as part of the Voices series
Paperback | 176 pages

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A gripping heart-in-your-mouth adventure told by Eve,

a Tudor girl who sets out on a dangerous journey to change her life

for the better.

Voices: Diver’s Daughter – A Tudor Story brings Eve and

her mother, who was stolen from her family in Mozambique as a

child, from the Southwark slums of Elizabethan London to England’s

southern coast.

When they hear from a Mary Rose survivor that one of the African

free-divers who was sent to salvage its treasures is alive and

well and living in Southampton, mother and daughter agree to try

to find him and attempt to dive the wreck of another ship, rumoured

to be rich with treasures.

But will the pair survive when the man arrives to claim his ‘share’?

Will Eve overcome her fear of the water to help rescue

her mother?

In this thrilling adventure based on real events, Patrice Lawrence

shows us a fascinating and rarely seen world that’s sure to

hook young readers.


VOICES: A thrilling series showcasing some of the UK’s finest

writers for young people.

Voices reflects the authentic, unsung stories of our


Each shows that, even in times of great upheaval, a myriad of

people have arrived on this island and made a home for themselves

– from Roman times to the present day.