by Bratten, Jo | Literature & literary studies
Paperback | 36 pages

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a critical period or event.

‘the first major climacteric in twenty-first-century poetry’2.

MEDICINEthe period of life when fertility is in decline; (in women) menopause.

‘most women do not experience significant psychological problems at the climacteric?
?our hair is coming out in clumps; we are sweeping it from corners, from beneath the bed, gathering it into our sleepless nest’How can we love ourselves at the climacteric of our lives; of the planet? Jo Bratten’s debut poetry chapbook bubbles with anger and guilt at the failures of both spirit and body and a coming to terms with loss, for the natural passing of loved ones, and the unnatural passing of our planet’s ecosystems. These poems offer solace: you are not alone – ‘In the fractured dark we’re all doomscrolling/before dawn, lit up like Caravaggios.’ They offer the simplest kind of love: the joy that can be found within nature.