Tree of Smoke


by Johnson, Denis | Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
Published 01/08/2008 by PAN MACMILLAN (Picador) in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 624 pages

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Tree of Smoke ? the name given to a ?psy op? that might or might not be hypothetical and might or might not be officially sanctioned ? is Denis Johnson?s most gripping, visionary and ambitious work to date. Set in south-east Asia and the US, and spanning two decades, it ostensibly tells the story of Skip Sands, a CIA spy who may or may not be engaged in psychological operations against the Viet Cong — but also takes the reader on a surreal yet vivid journey, dipping in and out of characters? lives to reveal fundamental truths at the heart of the human condition.

?A Catch-22 for our times? Alan Warner, Books of the Year, Observer ‘The God I want to believe in has a voice and a sense of humour like Denis Johnson’s’ Jonathan Franzen ?An epic of drenched sensuality and absurdly chewable dialogue, as though Don De

Lillo and Joseph Heller had collaborated on a Vietnam war novel? Steven Poole, Books of the Year, New Statesman