The Simple Art of Killing a Woman


by Melo, Patricia | Translation & interpretation
Published 18/04/2024 by The Indigo Press in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 272 pages

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From bestselling Brazilian novelist Patri?cia Melo comes a masterful thriller that is by turns poetic, inspiring, humorous and harrowing.

To escape an overprotective family and an abusive part- ner, a young lawyer accepts an assignment in the Amazonian border town of Cruzeiro do Sul. There, she meets Carla, a local prosecutor, and Marcos, the son of an indigenous woman, and learns about an epidemic of violence against women that seems beyond comprehension.

What she finds in the jungle is not only relentless oppres- sion, but a deep longing for answers to an unsolved crime from her past. Through the ritual use of ayahuasca, she meets a chorus of warrior women on a path of revenge and recovers the painful details of her mother?s death.

The Simple Art of Killing a Woman is a psychological trip with a twist. It?s about the strength of individuals in the face of overwhelming violence, the problem of femicide in Brazil, and the haunting of a cold case.