The Outermost House


A Year of Life on the Great Beach of Cape Cod
by Beston, Henry | Autobiography: general
Published 25/07/2019 by PUSHKIN PRESS (ONE) in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 224 pages

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Henry Beston planned to spend only two weeks in his newly built cottage on the outer beach of Cape Cod. As summer drifted into autumn, however, he found himself so entranced by the landscape’s rhythms and beauty that he could not bear to leave. Settled in his isolated house facing the North Atlantic, Beston spent a year immersed in the raw, elemental life of the great beach around him. Observing the migrations of seabirds, savage winter storms and the constantly shifting interactions between sea and shore, he wrote of the passing seasons in ecstatic, riveting detail.

Long out of print in the UK, The Outermost House is a vital precursor to today’s prominent nature writers. Impassioned and richly layered, it is a matchless evocation of the spirit of a place and the enduring appeal of the wild.