The End of It


by Fellows, Bruce | Fiction
Published on 28/02/2024
Paperback | 312 pages

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Recovering from injuries received in the desert, Luftwaffe fighter ace Jochen Murville dreams of playing the piano and living in Sweden with Gerda, the Jewish woman whose escape from Germany he engineered. However, his engagement to Lotte still stands, no matter how much her Nazi beliefs horrify him. Germany is being bombed night and day and Hitler, when Jochen meets him, seems deluded.

Where is the country going? With the Russians advancing on Berlin and the end approaching for the Nazi Reich, will Jochen escape the cataclysm? Following on from the events of The Best One There and inspired by the character of Hans-Joachim Marseille, The End of It is a powerful and gripping study of the downfall of the Third Reich and of the fate of a humane man as it collapses.