The Crazy Hunter


by Boyle, Kay | Fiction & related items
Published 25/01/2024 by PUSHKIN PRESS in the United Kingdom as part of the Pushkin Classics series
Paperback | 160 pages

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At 17, Nan wants to leave the family farm and go to study. Caught between her powerful mother and yielding, drunken father, she absorbs the tensions of their divided household and dotes on her new gelding, a gift from her father. When a sudden accident leaves the horse blind, Nan’s mother insists he must be put down, initiating a power struggle that brings the family’s conflicts explosively to the fore.

First published in 1938, The Crazy Hunter is an electrifying short novel ? sharply observed, psychologically astute and morally complex. Written in lush, entrancing prose, it is the finest work by a significant modernist writer.