Saffron Jack


by Dastidar, Rishi | Poetry by individual poets
Published 26/03/2020 by Nine Arches Press in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 134 pages

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An outcast, an outsider, an oddball. With too much ambition and not enough talent, Saffron Jack has never fitted. Now, with the feeling that his time is running out, he needs to do something drastic to change his life. So what better idea than to run away to the nearest war zone and do the thing he?s always wanted to do: start his own country and declare himself king…

‘A bravura meditation on crown and country, borders, and what it means to belong.’ ? Niven Govinden?It?s exciting to see what a poet already celebrated for their high-concept execution within individual poems can achieve when they have the courage to. The wide canvas of Saffron Jack allows Dastidar to untether his imagination and uses its permutational form to gather momentum and force as it zooms in and out on the titular antihero and his doomed and self-justified quest. Urgent, caustically funny and provocative ? compulsory and deeply enjoyable reading.?? ? Luke Kennard