None of This Is Serious


by Prasifka, Catherine | Ireland
Paperback | 288 pages

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by Prasifka, Catherine | Ireland
Published 06/04/2023 by Canongate Books in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 288 pages

‘Extraordinary’ Naoise Dolan
‘Seriously good’ Louise Nealon

Dublin student life is ending for Sophie and her friends. They’ve got everything figured out, and Sophie feels left behind as they all start to go their separate ways. Then, at a party, what was already unstable completely falls apart and Sophie finds herself obsessively scrolling social media, waiting for something (anything) to happen.

None of This Is Serious is about the uncertainty and absurdity of being alive today. It’s about balancing the real world with the online, and the vulnerabilities in yourself, your relationships, your body. At its heart, this is a novel about the friendships strong enough to withstand anything.

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