I Am Evidence


winner of the Mslexia Women’s Poetry Pamphlet Competition
by Conrad, Courtney | Poetry by individual poets
Published 01/09/2023 by Bloodaxe Books Ltd in the United Kingdom
Other | 32 pages

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Courtney Conrad?s powerful work interrogates the tensions within Caribbean migration, gender-based violence and national politics. Migrating from Kingston as a teenager, she is unflinching in her attempts to capture the vibrancy and violence of her experiences in both the UK and Jamaica.

Her poetry draws together subversive diasporic imagery, national political commentary and shatteringly personal narrative in its exacting response to the political corruption and violence she witnessed as a young girl in Jamaica in the wake of its colonial subjugation under the British Empire. The themes of her work stretch across state- and gender-based violence, religion, raw bodily introspection and lush cultural memorabilia that reimagines the warmth and blood of both her homes.

I Am Evidence was the winner of the 2022 Mslexia Women?s Poetry Pamphlet Competition judged by Imtiaz Dharker, and includes some work which won her an Eric Gregory Award in 2022. It is her debut pamphlet.