From The City, From The Plough


by Baron, Alexander | Fiction
Published 05/09/2019 by Imperial War Museum as part of the Imperial War Museum Wartime Classics series
Paperback | 192 pages

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January 1944, the south coast of England. The Fifth Battalion, Wessex Regiment wait patiently and nervously for the order to embark. There is boredom and fear, comedy and pathos as the men – all drawn from different walks of life – await the order to move. From The City, From The Plough is a vivid and moving account of the fate of these men as they set off for Normandy and advance into France.

“In pages of lean prose, Stoke Newington-raised Baron conjures the boredom and fear as a British regiment embarks for the Normandy beaches. An unqualified masterpiece.” – Evening Standard’s best books of 2019

“Undoubtedly one of the very greatest British novels of the Second World War.” – Sir Antony Beevor

“Offers the portrait of a military unit in human terms, as day to day incidents reveal the characters assigned to the Normandy Invasion.” – Kirkus Reviews