Dick King-Smith: Dodos Are Forever


by King-Smith, Dick | Children’s, young adult & educational
Published 04/11/2021 by Sweet Cherry Publishing in the United Kingdom as part of The Dick King Smith Centenary Collection series
Paperback | 104 pages

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A beautiful new edition of Dick King-Smith’s Dodos Are Forever, from the renowned author of Babe The Sheep-Pig.

The year is AD 1650, and dodos Bertie and Beatrice are living peacefully on an island in the Indian Ocean. Peacefully, that is, until sailors arrive and discover that dodo tastes a lot like chicken.

With the sailors come a host of hungry rats. They like nothing more than dodo eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner – and Bertie and Beatrice are about to start a family.

Sir Francis Drake, the captain’s parrot, warns the lovebirds that if they’re not careful, their species could become extinct. But what’s a dodo to do-do?