Among Others


by Frayn, Michael | Biography & True Stories
Hardback | 272 pages

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Friendships and Encounters
by Frayn, Michael | Biography & True Stories
Published 13/04/2023 by FABER & FABER in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 272 pages

It’s the other people around you, says Michael Frayn, who make you what you are. So he would like to say a brief word, looking back on life from his ninetieth year, about a few of the people who have formed his own particular world. Some were friends; some not; some more than friends.

Some have had a profound effect; some only a passing one. Some you may know yourself; some you certainly won’t. Some he now wonders if he ever really knew himself.

The last of his subjects in this selection, and the longest and closest acquaintance of all, is his own body, a companion on life’s road at least as idiosyncratic and puzzling as everyone and everything around it. Among Others is a patchwork memoir of a lifetime’s encounters. Truthful and loving, sometimes elegiac, sometimes comic, it is a celebration of the endlessly intriguing otherness of others.

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