A Hue of Blu


by Leger, Marie-France | Fiction
Published 19/01/2023 by Independently Published
Paperback | 342 pages

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How much pain are you willing to endure for someone you love?
Bold, charismatic, and charming Blu Henderson wears a fake smile every day, pushing through life because she has to – not because she wants to.
Quiet, introverted, and mysterious Jace Boland catches her eye the second she sees him. After that, it’s game over – not just for Blu, but for Jace as well.
Drawn together by inexplicable attraction, a whirlwind connection forms that persists and torments, mends and breaks, and forces both Blu and Jace to confront the traumas of their past while trying to make their relationship work.
“A Hue of Blu” explores how two broken hearts can find comfort in tragic losses, how two broken souls can find peace in pain, and how loving yourself may be the only way to love another…
No matter the consequence.